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Pure Cones papers are meticulously crafted at our state-of-the-art papeterie in Eycheil, France that has been operating for over 400 years. Our papers use only the best all-natural, 100% organic raw plant materials and do not contain any filler agents or burn additives. The papers are free from pesticides and heavy metals. All cones are sealed with vegan acacia gum. All papers are slow burning and environmentally friendly. 

The papers are so transparent that you can clearly see the flower through the paper,  and show off your product. The papers are 100% organic and totally clean without any filler agents or burn additives and the papers don’t take away or impact the flavor of the flower within the pre-roll. All pre-rolls include a strip of natural acacia gum for sealing.

Please contact our Pre-Roll Specialists for a catalog for more detailed information and copies of our COAs (Certificates of Analysis).


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At Pure Cones, our top priorities are quality, compliance and safety testing. We rigorously test all our pre-rolled cone materials for heavy metals, ensuring that every component meets stringent quality standards. Our pre-rolled cone factories adhere to the most stringent quality standards, and every type of pre-rolled cone paper undergoes rigorous testing, meeting the highest standards in both Canada and the United States.


We offer 3 cone paper choices: Refined White, Himalayan Brown, and 100% Hemp. 
Our Refined White paper is not bleached. The difference between the Refined White and Himalayan Brown rolling papers is how refined the paper pulp is during production. 

The whitening process is done by refining the paper pulp, using only water, mechanical agitation, and carbon filtering. The refining process removes all the other plant components, leaving behind solely the pure plant cellulose, which serves as the fundamental ingredient in all paper goods.

The Refined White, Unrefined Brown, and 100% Hemp papers are all refined, but the brown and hemp papers are less refined, leaving a few natural plant components, which leave the brown with its natural brown or tan looking appearance.
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