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Explore our range of tobacco-free Hemp Wrap Cones and Blunts that offer a healthier alternative to traditional blunt wraps. Our organic papers are carefully fashioned from hemp pulp, meticulously pressed into thin sheets that form the wraps for our cones and blunts. Unlike regular blunt wraps, our Hemp Blunt Wraps provide a completely neutral smoking experience, ensuring no interference with the flavor of your chosen flower, herbs, or other botanicals. Elevate your smoking ritual with the pure, organic goodness of our Hemp Wrap paper.
100% Organic
The hemp plants from which we source the fibers for our hemp wraps are cultivated organically, and the production process involves no additional additives, guaranteeing a healthy and clean burn.
Cleaner Burn
Hemp Wraps offer a slower and more even burn compared to traditional blunts, elevating the overall smoking experience. The cleaner burn of Hemp Wraps results in minimal ash or embers during smoking, translating to less wasted material. This ensures that when you choose Hemp Wraps, you're getting more value for your money.

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